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Our Solutions

Accounting Services

When businesses have to contend with competition and limited resources, accounting plays a critical role. You need to monitor the revenue and performance of the company. Accounting enables you to do these tasks by recording transactions, discerning patterns, and dealing with other expenditures, such as payroll and taxes.

Businesses in the U.S. recognize that outsourcing accounting services is an excellent option. Third-party vendors offer expert, affordable, and reliable accounting services. These accounting firms can help you conserve resources and leverage accounting to achieve your objectives. Outsourcing accounting services enables you to concentrate on your core activities. 

Four Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services

You will enjoy various benefits if you outsource accounting services.

  1. ​Financial savings: You will save your funds when you outsource accounting services. Third-party accounting firms are cheaper than full-time employees. They will not need to be on your payroll even when you do not need accounting services. You will also not need to pay them benefits and allowances.
  2. Time savings: Leaving accounting to the experts can save you some time. Your employees will be free to focus on other areas of importance to your business. The accounting firm will also work faster because of their expertise and make minimal or no mistakes needing rectification.
  3. Expert accounting services: Accounting firms’ employees stay up-to-date with the latest developments, such as accounting laws and standards changes. Hiring them enables you to leverage their knowledge to achieve your objectives. They will also do their best work to get your future contracts.
  4. Contractual obligation: The job security for accounting firms depend on their ability to live up to the contractual terms. They strive to satisfy your needs by honoring the contract’s terms to avoid penalties and maintain the arrangement. You may have installed a clause that makes them liable for delays or shoddy work, making the accounting firm strive not to be accountable for avoidable losses or delays.

MAJOR provides the expert, affordable accounting services you deserve. Our team comprises various professionals who work together to offer the best accounting help to clients. Contact us today and leverage our accounting expertise to achieve your objectives.

Our Solutions

Bookkeeping Services

Get Bookkeeping Services to Transform Your Business.

For any business, the ability to track payables and receivables is essential. Bookkeeping is a crucial function, as it helps your firm record transactions. It can help you understand your financial facets and make the necessary adjustments to succeed.

Bookkeeping can consume a lot of time, space, and funds. It can be a tiresome process. Seek bookkeeping services from an accounting firm you trust to reduce your workload. A professional bookkeeping services provider can help you improve your financial performance. They leverage their expertise to offer the best bookkeeping services to clients.

MAJOR offers bookkeeping services to businesses across the U.S. We offer affordable, compliant, and reliable bookkeeping services. Our bookkeeping experts understand the various federal, state, and organizational standards. We leverage their expertise to provide reliable bookkeeping services. 

Our bookkeeping services benefit clients in various ways.

  • You will budget and control your expenditure.

  • Get a display of the company’s financial position.

  • You will use the records to make informed decisions.

  • It leads to a better understanding of your cash flow.

  • We save you time and money.

Why Choose MAJOR?

You will get expert, customized bookkeeping and accounting services. Our accounting team will analyze your setup, understand what you need, and help you achieve your objectives. They have extensive experience, meaning they have learned the best ways to offer value. We go out of our way to ensure you get the best accounting and bookkeeping services at affordable prices. You will be free to run other aspects of your business, as we will take bookkeeping off your plate.

Contact us today to get expert bookkeeping services.

Our Solutions

Individual Consultation

Get Individual Consultation and Training to Address Your Unique Needs.

Knowing all the tax laws and information that you need can be a challenge. The taxation framework is extensive. You may need an expert to break it down for you. These specialists should be familiar with the parts relevant to your business and help you understand them via individual consultation.

MAJOR offers individual consultation and individual training. You will schedule these sessions with one of our experts. This specialist will learn your operations, identify the applicable laws and guidelines, and advise you on the right course of action to ensure you are tax compliant. They may also answer any questions you may have regarding taxation and accounting. 

The key benefits of our consultation and individual training include:

  • Better resource utilization, as we help you plan for the use of your resources.

  • Identify cost centers and try to reduce their economic needs.

  • Get expert help to prepare budgets and project cash flows.

  • Get customized help to satisfy your needs.

  • Get answers for any questions you may have

You may have questions or need clarifications on various issues regarding accounting and taxation. It can be frustrating if you do not get the answers you need. You may also be liable to avoidable losses if you are not familiar with essential accounting and taxation concepts.

MAJOR provides individual training and consultation. Leverage these sessions to understand various accounting and taxation concepts to avoid issues and ensure you operate well. Contact us today to find out how these programs can help you succeed.

LaFonda Gulley, MPA

Licensed Insurance Agent
Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Our Solutions

Insurance Services

Major Peace of Mind

Protect the people and assets you care about most. We focus on offering complete and affordable insurance programs for all of our customers.

​We are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive insurance coverage your budget can buy.

​Please feel free to Contact Us or use our convenient Instant Quote applications (available for Home, Life, and Auto policies).

We offer the following Insurance Services for GA, NC, and SC customers:


  • Immediate or Deferred:
  • Fixed
  • Variable

Accident & Sickness

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Vision

Small Business

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Business Owners

Our Solutions


Are you turning 65 or new to Medicare? 

Find out which plans are right for you if you have Tricare or VA coverage, diabetes, heart of cardiovascular issues, or need dental, vision, hearing, or OTC coverage. 

Get Medicare/Medicaid insurance information from local advisors you can trust who can meet you personally. We will guide you in finding the best plan for your situation, and help you save the most money.

Get help with:
  • Part C Medicare Advantage
  • Part D Prescription Drugs
  • State Medicaid Applications/Part B Reduced or Full Payment of $148
  • Social Security and Disability Benefits
  • Dialysis Plans Available with Unlimited Transportation and more

Our Solutions

Notary Services

Get Reliable Notary Services From MAJOR

You may often come across documents and contracts that need the services of a licensed notary. MAJOR offers convenient notary services to help you through these moments. We will witness the signing of documents, affix them the right signature and stamp, and answer your questions.

Notary services are essential requirements in various dealings. You may need notarization for contracts, some applications, affidavits, trusts and deeds of property ownership, etc. Notarization is often necessary when your tax and financial situation changes. Our experts can answer any questions you may have about the process.

MAJOR offers tax and accounting services. Contact us when you need notary services, and we will help you get the excellent notary services you deserve. 

Our Solutions

Payroll Services

Get Payroll Services to Ensure You Operate Smoothly

Employees are a critical pillar in an organization. Handling their affairs quickly and professionally ensures the company operates well. Paying their salaries and ensuring they are tax compliant can facilitate their welfare, enabling them to work well.

Some organizations struggle with many employment and tax-related issues. Getting payroll services from an accounting company you trust can free up essential resources and time. It will also ensure you meet all your obligations and responsibilities on time. Accounting firms have the know-how to handle payroll services in various jurisdictions.

MAJOR can offer comprehensive, flexible payroll services. We can tailor our accounting solutions to satisfy your payroll needs. Our experts will help you register your employees, record employees’ details, and insert all the information in our payroll system.

Our payroll services will facilitate various functions for your organization.

  • Direct deposit wage into team members’ accounts.

  • Compute workers’ net pay and withholdings.

  • Generating and issuing workers’ payslips.

  • Benefits and expenses processing and compliance.

  • Sorting documents for departing and new employees.

  • Preparing remittance submissions and revenues payable to the tax office.

Year-end processes will also involve preparing tax returns for the employer and employees and collecting payroll accounting records.

Why Choose MAJOR?

MAJOR will help you streamline your payroll and ensure you are tax compliant. Our experts will provide accounting solutions to address your issue and help you achieve your objectives. We offer affordable accounting services, and our team has a lot of experience, which should help you get the accounting help you need to succeed. Contact us today to get payroll services to help you achieve your objectives.

Our Solutions

Tax Preparation

Leverage Our Expertise to Manage Tax Preparation

MAJOR handles tax preparation for businesses. We have various specialists that use the best process and practices for doing tax preparation. These strategies enable our clients to generate better returns and have fewer tax liabilities.

Our employees have a wealth of experience that they leverage to offer the best services to our clients. They know how they can help you plan your affairs to minimize operating expenses, maximize efficiency, and get a competitive edge.

Our tax preparation services include:

  • Preparation and submission of income tax for corporations and individuals

  • Preparation and filing of PAYE and VAT returns

  • Guiding clients on various tax issues, such as tax planning, gift tax, and capital acquisitions tax

We service these entities:

  • Gift tax — Form 706/709

  • Non-profits — Form 990

  • Individuals — Form 1040A, Form 1040, Form 1040NR, etc.

  • Corporations — Form 1120s, Form 1120, etc.

  • Partnerships — Form 1065

  • Estates and trusts — Form 1041 etc.

We can help you be tax compliant and avoid paying substantial amounts in taxes. Contact us today, and we will help you with your tax preparation.


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